Are you a MedStar Family Choice Member?

Create a personal account by registering yourself:
You will need to create an account by registering with MedStar Family Choice as the first step in allowing your App to access your data.

Member Registration
Members can register by entering their name, date of birth, email address. MedStar Family Choice ID number and the Medicaid ID number.

Personal Representative Registration
In order to register as a personal representative (e.g. power of attorney, legal guardian, parent of an adult member, parent, or guardian of a minor member), there are forms that need to be competed and submitted first.

You can find the forms at
interoperability/. Once your Personal Rep application has been approved, you will receive an email with this registration link, and a Personal Representative Identifier (PRID). You will be able to register with MedStar Family Choice using the PRID, the Member ID and other distinguishing information. You will also be asked for second way to verify your identity.